Prof. Mallika Kumar, an Associate Professor for Economics, the Head of Commerce at Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), the Coordinator for the International Programmes at SRCC and the Cultural Coordinator for the University of Delhi has conducted a monthly forum , themed on Cooperative Advantage for Sustainable Development, 8th February 2018 at 7.30pm,Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo. Ms. Neha Singh, the Second Secretary (E&C), High Commission India and MBA students of the University of Colombo were among the contributors who participated to the forum.

Prof Kumar has portrayed that Corporates are a reminder to the International Community that it is possible to pursue both economic and social responsibility. She has further stressed on realizing its Intrinsic Strengths, recognizing its Contribution and diversifying Business that will lead to a sustainable development.

The forum has given an eye opening impact to Sri Lanka. It has contributed to understand the importance of Corporates at national, regional and international level. It has also provided an opportunity for the youth to support the economic development through Corporates.